About The Lakehouse

An unmatched ambiance, large majestic waterfront patio, and the locally-focused fine cuisine.

Meet The Leadership Team


Kory is our culinary maestro hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago. With experience at Victory Ranch and Sundance Resort under his belt, Kory brings a blend of experience and passion to the kitchen as our resident chef. Beyond the hustle, he thrives on the joy of cooking and whipping up fantastic meals that leave a lasting impression.  Kory’s culinary passion is the special ingredient that elevates every dining experience, turning each meal into a delightful journey for our guests.


Daniel is a seasoned professional in restaurant management, successfully overseeing multiple establishments in Salt Lake. With a strategic approach, he ensures operational efficiency and exceptional guest experiences. Beyond his managerial role, Daniel has a passion for creating memorable events, showcasing his attention to detail and organizational skills. His commitment to excellence and proficiency in crafting unforgettable experiences mark him as a reliable and accomplished leader in the hospitality industry.


Mercedes is a dedicated event industry professional with over 4 years of experience. She excels in cultivating strong relationships with event partners, vendors, and brides, contributing to the creation of unforgettable moments. Mercedes is known for her meticulous attention to detail and creative flair, ensuring seamless and magical experiences for clients. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with a passion for building meaningful connections, makes her a trusted and reliable expert in the field. Whether orchestrating large-scale events or intimate celebrations, Mercedes brings enthusiasm and professionalism to every project, turning visions into reality.


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Restaurant Hours

LUNCH: 11-3PM Daily

DINNER: 5-9PM Daily



5317 S HIGHWAY 189
HEBER, UT 84032





Located on the shoreline of Deer Creek Reservoir, the warm and contemporary ambiance paired with the locally focused cuisine provides a casual yet upscale dining experience unlike any other in the state. We pride ourselves in supporting local businesses and showcasing the incredible meat, produce, liquors, and beers the state of Utah has to offer.

Our mission has always been to provide a true “multi-sensory” experience. We accomplish that not only by highlighting our location but by providing dishes that have stories attached to them.